Everyday your hair is exposed to pollution, sun among other natural factors, which causes it to lose water, nutrients and proteins. Thinking about it, Trihair developed the Biovegetal DIVAS daily hair schedule. Ideal for all hair types.
Composed of 03 stages and its sole purpose is to treat your hair.

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The daily RECONSTRUCTION Schedule is made from: Creatine, Arginine, wheat and elastin with the power to reinforce hair strength and reduce split ends, resulting in healthy, shiny and soft hair.

The daily HYDRATION schedule is made from: Coconut oil, Castor oil, Avocado, Ojon and Argan oil with the power to restore water and moisture, preventing frizz, eliminating dryness, making your hair more shiny, soft and silky.

The daily NUTRITION schedule is made from: Marrow oil, Buriti, D-Panthenol and Olive and has the power to nourish, promoting shine, softness and intense hydration.

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Nutrition, Hydration, Reconstruction, Complete Kit