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The Biovegetal Bio-toner product line restores the natural color and shine of your natural blond, grey, blond shades or discolored hair. Made from keratin proteins, elastin and collagen that improve the damaged structures, increase flexibility, smoothness and shine in addition to protecting the hair against daily aggressive agents. It possesses a high hydrating power, leaving your hair extremely smooth, silky and very shiny.

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The Biovegetal Bio-toner product line ensures clear results from the first application. The patch test should be carried out; in some cases, the shampoo is enough to produce the desired effect.


1- Wash your hair with the Bio-toner Shampoo and leave it for a few minutes. Repeat application if necessary.

2- Apply the Toner Mask on wet hair, covering your hair from root to tip until all your hair is aligned. Leave it for 30 minutes, always observing the action of the product on your hair. The length of time to leave the product in the hair varies according to the tone of the hair and the color desired.

3- Rinse thoroughly and finish with a conditioner indicated for your hair type.


•The lighter and the more damaged the hair, the more intense the action of the product.

•We recommend doing the patch test before using the product.

NOTE: The Bio-toner Mask can be mixed with a white mask to make the tone lighter if necessary

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